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Old Kashar Cheese



On production Kashar goat and sheep milk

Thrace is a leader in the production of aged cheese Kashar in our country. In the area of Trakya is in first place Kirklareli province.
Our cheese is sold under the brand name 'VG 410' throughout Turkey and only in high-end point of sale of milk and milk products.
Trakya Kashar cheese has a light lemon color. This is accepted chadder cheese. The chadder cheese after taking out of the refrigerator to be eaten in 5–10 minutes later not immediately then it should not be exposed..

Old Kashar cheese: full-fat, goat cheese
          and full-fat sheep cheese 'VG 410'
The taste of the cheese comes from Trakya Kashar small milk dairy cattle, eating various vegetation foothills of mount Yildiz (Strandza).

Our cheese is nothing but
         whole milk, refined sea salt and natural yeast.
 With the help of special machines for cleaning milk on our dairies we clear of harmful substances milk collected for cheese Kashar.
Methods of careful manual labor, leading cheese making Kashar classical way, after standing for 25–30 days on a specially prepared wooden base, and we place it at least another three months in the refrigerator for further aging.

The product is natural and pure!

The one who just try our cheese "Old Kashar cheese",                            want to try it again!