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White Cheese

In this paper, we use the experience gained over a century, during which the whole cheese is our family craft.

Altan Gürel, placing emphasis on the ignorance of consumers, complains that most advertised products on the market are artificial, directed only to the sale and incorrectly refer consumers.

Quality cheese is determined by the content of a large proportion of milk, which is a factor that increases its nutritional value.

Especially our children and youth require consumption of dairy products with high nutritional value.

250 grams of our White cheese is equal to 1 kg cheese of other brands.

Color our White cheese — is the natural color of milk, which is 100% up our cheese. In the cheese no carcinogenic chemicals clarifiers.

Product natural and pure!


Kamil Yüksel

'Gürel Peynircilik'

Our cheese is natural and without additives, produced in hygienic conditions. Due to financial problems of big companies, no dairy products does not produce cheese of our money. Unfortunately, this situation reduces performance naturalness cheese its flavor and nutritional value.

White cheese: full-fat, goat cheese and full-fat sheep cheese 'AG 410'