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Ezine Cheese

What makes Ezine cheese so famous is the majority of factories producing dairy products. With the increase of factories producing dairy products in Canakkale, the milk required by factories has become irrecoverable. Since the number of dairy farms has increased, they have become a haunt for dairy product-sellers who want to buy cheese and similar dairy products. Sellers are free for choosing and buying the products in line with their customer group and the price range they wish. From this point of view, Ezine can be regarded to be more advantageous compared to the other cheese producing regions of our country.

The popularity for the regional products caused corruption over the years. The cheeses produced by the other regions of Turkey were tried to be introduced as if they were of poor quality and smear campaigns were started to be organized about them. Some sellers call their cheese Ezine cheese even though they are not produced in Ezine. The intra brand competition in the region has increased and product prices have ascended, the quality and workmanship of products were drawn down in time.

The majority of brands has caused the milk amount in the region not to meet the need of brands any more. Milk is transferred to Ezine from outside, that is, the other regions by refrigerated tankers. Tons of cow’s milk is imported into the region from various places. For these reasons, as is mentioned, the metaphor of cheeses made from the milk of animals strolling and grassing freely in Canakkale has turned into a fact that is now emptied, used for advertising purposes and mislead the consumer.

Edirne Cheese Rather Than Ezine Cheese

We spoke of the reasons why the cheese of Ezine is so famous. A conceptual confusion was created with the name of Ezine cheese and the actual name “Edirne cheese” was wanted to be made forgotten. The concept of Ezine cheese dates back to not more than 10-15 years ago. It is a new-fangled trend. However it is a fact that it overshadowed the fame of the cheese of Edirne which had been the capital of Ottoman Empire for long years. The real concept is Edirne cheese, not Ezine. Edirne represents an accumulation. Both Edirne and K?rklareli and Tekirdag have a wider and richer infrastructure in terms of stock breeding. In these provinces, all cheeses made by using conventional methods and incorporating manual labor in are named as Edirne cheese.

The statement of taste of cheeses made based on experiences and knowledge of centuries about the milk of animals freely strolling and grassing is more acceptable than the concept of Ezine cheese.