Office: İsmetpaşa Mahallesi,
Atatürk Cd. 1.Sk. (No:3) 59500 /Tekirdağ

(+90) 212 527 8126

About us

General Manager
Altan Gürel

Joint venture "Altan and Vasıf Gürel" has been operating since 1975

and specialized in the production of cheese.

Stable and reliable company nowadays is well-known within Turkey for its delicious

and ecologically pure and high quality cheese.

  • Management of the joint venture continues following family tradition of making cheese, which is passed from generation to generation and the old recipes of our cheeses become unchanged.

  • The process of making cheese manually.

  • Modern equipment of leading European manufacturers are only used for wrapping the product and cleaning of equipment.

For cheese production we use

environmentally goat & sheep milk, healing sea salt and yeast.


The company equipped with the modern laboratory equipment that allows you
to control the quality commencing from providing with the raw materials to the plant and ending with packaging.

Joint venture "Altan and Vasıf Gürel"

participated and always takes an active part in various exhibitions, fairs, presentations and repeatedly was awarded with certificates, diplomas and prizes.


general manager

Our goal

To produce ecologically pure products!
To produce high quality products!
We are not indifferent on Your and Your children health!

Always worth thinking about what we buy and eat!
Make your right choice!