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Trakya's Famous Full-Fat Sheep & Goat Cheese,

Old Kashar Cheese under VG 410

Cheese quality is defined depending on milk rate.

Our advantage of Gürel Cheese Products: natural products

and additives free, to meet the requirements of hygienic-sanitary standards.

Due to financial concerns big companies on dairy products

do not produce the cheese of the similar quality. Unfortunately, under the situation they reduce the naturalness of cheese, the flavor understanding and the nutritional value of the Kashar cheese content.

Producing our product; we benefit a century

family experience on dairy item production.

Particularly, it is required to provide our children

and youth with the high nutritional value of dairy products.

Trakya's Famous Full- Fat Sheep & Goat Cheese,

Old Kashar Cheese under VG 410

Trakya Kashar cheese flavor comes by using milk of cattle

that are fed with various plants at foothills of Star Mountains(Strandza).

Production of cheese in dairies generally starts

every year in the month of April and May and completes in the month of September and October. In order to achieve the required maturation, the best flavour and the appropriate final stage of the produced Kashar cheese for selling after collecting milk of sheep and goats within the above mentioned months it has to be kept in the ice-houses at least 3 months.

Vasıf Gürel, who lives in the Degirmencik village of Kırklareli

county owning one of the dairy farms surrounded by pure nature and producing old Kashar cheese by traditional methods, has been producing the famous full- fat Kashar cheese on the basis of sheep and goat milk since 1980.