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Burhan Ayeri

Writings to Altan Gürel

May end in the Turkish bath.

16th April 2012, Monday 2 am

Isn’t the speculation in the last surveillance weird? The counsel of the prosecution is nowhere to be found, some journalists and politicians are talking through their hats. The reporter of an antimilitarist newspaper says “'Süleyman Demirel will account, as well”. Moreover he speaks to him as the "First person singular”. The second, third and fourth men of AK Party say by agreeing on all hands “Those of '27th April will also be put on trial”. The most interesting one among them is Vice Prime Minister Bülent Arınç. He keeps harping on guns –weapons. He has already drawn away Prime Minister Erdoğan. Do not get surprised, if he would soon shout the slogan of “Blood for blood, revenge”. The evil-minded forefingers are turning in all directions y saying; 'Him, too, that, too, this, too”. If there is still someone in his right mind among those in the governing position, we want to speak to them. This has got out of hand. The end point brings into mind the Stadium Prisons existing in Chile once upon a time. Cutting gas and braking are up to the Dear President. However we look at what he says, just the opposite. Let’s express it in a proverb: 'Sow the wind and reap the whirlwind”. Stop these waffles without taking back to the Patrona Halil Rebellion.

Let’s begin by saying “God not leave anybody without food”. The scene of making sausages would almost cause a warlike atmosphere at Survivor. As times go, we may hear amazing news; “Some competitors cooked and ate Acun Ilıcalı”. The this would be added to the end of Captain Cook in Polynesia. “On the other hand”, the sausage wolfed down by Acun is the most awesome product of the recent months. Actually, we've immediately tested in the title of introductions. Result is “Fantabulous”. Kayseri residents know how to process meat. Who would have thought they would improve themselves this much while just making machine woven carpets. We celebrate them.

Now that “we begin to eat like a pig”, let's keep on going then. We are fed up with the cheese labels of someone’s daughter or son. Above all, there is such a one to whom you pay a handful of cash and eat adobe. We are mad about cheese, sheep cheese in particular-I feel Ayhan Sicimoğlu’s ears are burning. The leader of this work is Öztürkler in Ezine. We have discovered Altan Gürel' recently. From Thrace once again. But from Vize. Where can you get it? We buy it from Kiler Parseller. That is to say, it is possible to find it in other branches, too. It tastes fabulously. And it costs 40-45 percent cheaper than someone’s son. Let’s make other advertising for free before closing the topic. Altınkılıç has prepared packages combining cow, sheep and goat cheeses. We liked them. They are on sale at Migros.

Now 'Public spot' is trendy. They put this expression in the corner and make presentations. Even artistic activities are included in this section. However it sometimes becomes like humor rather than providing a benefit. Yesterday morning, we were surprised at two of them on CNN TÜRK. One of them was about Istanbul Film Festival. They spoke of 200 displays. What was weird was that we watched the award ceremony and closing the day before. What should we say; is our manager sleeping?

Prof. Dr. Nevzad Atlığ, Mehmet Güntekin and Münip Utandı were guests in the program of Bizden Nağmeler on channel 24. We wanted to watch it but it was impossible because they inserted the expression “Live” and nuclear summit in Istanbul over and over.

Barlas from young pop singers has released album. The voice of this young talent is special. The most successful aspect of ten compositions from the album of 'Senden Kalan' is the harmony between lyrics and music.